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[Infographic] Passendo Outperforms Other Traffic Sources

Every native ad is designed to do the same thing - get users to engage and click through.

Although, there are many different approaches to native advertising that can lead to successful results for advertisers, the overall ROI of your campaign is what matters most.

Here at Passendo, we specialize in email native advertising. Today, we place ads in more than 150 premium international newsletters delivering 3,100 ads across all of our publishers.

If you are trying to decide on the native advertising platform for your business, there are several factors that you will need to consider.

Passendo brings a number of unique features to email advertising including:

Third-party ad server. Image ads are hosted externally and still served optimized by Passendo.

Real-time targeting. Across many newsletters, the Passendo email engine keeps track of campaign history for every single user in order to bind the correct impression and click to the right campaign.

Scalability. In order to reach the same ad impression volume without Passendo's technology, advertisers previously had to make individual requests to individual newsletters. Now advertisers can serve targeted ads in real-time across 150 newsletter publishers with just a few clicks.

Passendo / SHA256 targeting. In a post GDPR world, cookieless targeting is now the standard.

To help you understand the potential of Passendo, we decided to do a comparative analysis of the performance of our premium email exchange versus other traffic sources: Passendo vs. Web.

As a part of our research methodology, we gathered data from the advertisers on our platform, including only those campaigns which were conducted with a minimum of 2500 user sessions per campaign.

The advertisers then shared their results from other traffic sources.

The primary objective was to evaluate the overall effectiveness of Passendo ads across key campaign metrics. For example, more specifically:

  • Time spend on site: How much time a user spends on average on the campaign landing page.
  • Bounce rates on site: When a user opens a single page and then exits without triggering any additional requests during that session.
  • Display CTR: The clickthrough rate across all image formats
  • Native CTR: The clickthrough rate across native formats

So does Passendo really outperform other traffic sources?

Here are some of the highlights from our research:

  • The data shows that users spend nearly twice as long on a Passendo campaign landing page as compared to all other sources.
  • For the display CTR, Passendo delivered a 0,20% CTR across all image formats and placements in editorial newsletters as compared to an average CTR of just 0,05% for other traffic sources.
  • Another key takeaway is that Passendo delivered an average native CTR of 0,33% in comparison to a 0,1% native CTR average for the web. In terms of quality of traffic, Passendo delivers a higher conversion rate than Outbrain and Taboola, two well-established content distribution networks.


March 13, 2019
March 13, 2019
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